The Common Challenges With Using Microsoft Teams for Your Company

The Common Challenges With Using Microsoft Teams for Your Company | HelloTeams Global

To this day, there is no doubt that modern technology continues to make everyone’s lives more convenient. By using the latest gadgets, software, programs, and other innovations, you can look forward to accomplishing virtually anything if given enough time.

When you apply cloud-based solutions for your business, you can expect to finish your tasks faster, complete work more productively, and meet deadlines without struggling too much. One essential way to maintain peace and order in your workplace is by having Microsoft Teams set up for collaboration and organisation purposes. 

Since most professionals and employees are working from home right now, the more reason for your company to rely on an online solution to bring people together despite the situation. However, along with the numerous advantages that MS Teams brings comes certain challenges that arise upon implementation.

Keep reading below to find out the difficulties your organisation can face to prevent issues from happening.

The Occurrence of a Teams Sprawl

As part of Microsoft Teams’ system, anyone from your company has the authority to create new teams. Failing to add limitations on team creation could end up causing a teams sprawl—leading to chaos in the communication platform with employees constantly adding new teams left and right.

One way to prevent this from happening is to maintain good communication with all members, starting with explaining how MS Teams work. Besides having teams, people can opt to make channels for general conversations that don’t always involve work.

You can also look forward to having a better grasp on Teams if you develop an adoption strategy. The method involves laying down your vision and reaching out to interested members to take over the teams and practice their authority to prevent members from disrupting your company’s workflow.

The Threat of Guest User Access

With MS Teams, not only can you collaborate with your co-workers, but you’re free to include guest users to become part of your teams as well. It’s an excellent solution for managing transactions with clients and business partners because you can access files, hold meetings, and make deals all in one virtual place.

However, some dangers are present when giving someone from outside your organisation a closer look inside your company. If you aren’t careful about every piece of information you share, you might end up divulging too much about your business, including data they aren’t supposed to see in the first place.

Luckily, you can prevent this kind of mistake from happening by modifying the guest access in your MS Teams admin centre. You can change the settings and place a limit on what your guest users are capable of doing by disabling screen sharing or adjusting sensitivity labels accordingly.

The Confusion of Default Cloud Storage Solutions

Whenever you add a new team to the platform, you create a SharePoint Online site simultaneously. It means that each time a team member uploads documents into a channel or Files tab, they end up in the SharePoint’s Document library!

While this may not be a “problem” per se, there comes a question as to how you incorporate your current cloud storage platform, be it Google Drive or Dropbox, into your newly created team. If your employees choose to incorporate other platforms, you can easily combine them with MS Teams—no need for an overhaul of backing up all your current information into the SharePoint library. You can simply do so by setting up cloud storage for your Teams and selecting among the choices of which particular platform you want to include.


Understanding Microsoft Teams will take time for your entire organisation as you learn to integrate it into your company. With its wide array of features, it can benefit everyone involved—so long as you take the time to discover how to use it properly. As working remotely continues to be the only viable choice for most businesses worldwide, the challenges you encounter with Teams shouldn’t get in the way of acquiring better collaborative opportunities online.

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