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Start making and taking calls with Direct-Routed Teams Phone for GCC High environments. 

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Add Secure Communication to M365 GCC High


HelloTeams’ automation technology means deployment takes weeks instead of months.


Bespoke change management solutions make adopting Teams Phone easier than ever.


With 24/7 priority support and an uptime of 99.99%, HelloTeams keeps you connected when you need it most.

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Why HelloTeams

Faster Deployment.
A Fraction of the Cost.

Most Teams Direct Routing solutions for GCC High are complex, expensive, and time-consuming to deploy. 

They need specialist implementation, which carries human error risks, and can be costly to manage over time. 

That’s why HelloTeams uses built-in automation to accelerate every part of the Microsoft Teams lifecycle. 

Deployment for GGC High with HelloTeams takes, on average, one to two weeks – up to 10 times faster than the standard 12–24 weeks. 

And it’s more affordable, with a CapEx tag that’s, on average, up to 600% less than direct-routing solutions from other providers.   

Most importantly, HelloTeams is backed by enterprise-grade security software, keeping your information flows compliant with standards like CMMC 2.0. 


Designed for Defence Contractors

Microsoft Teams for GCC High is purpose-built for contractors with sensitive information flows. 

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What Is GCC High?

Office 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) High is a cloud environment specifically designed for Department of Defence personnel. 

Its compliance and security requirements are much more comprehensive than commercial M365 environments. 


  • GCC High Direct Routing services must comply with government-specific regulations and certifications, such as FedRAMP High, DoD SRG IL5, and CJIS. 
  • GCC High keeps all data within US boundaries. 
  • Service availability and update cadences may be vary based on each GCC High tenant’s infrastructure and security assessments.

Only organisations validated by Microsoft can establish a GCC High environment.

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Direct Routing is the only way to enable Teams Calling for GCC High.

With no native Microsoft option, choosing the right Direct Routing partner is key.

Why HelloTeams

Enhance Your GCC High Environment With HelloTeams

Implement Teams Phone Faster and More Affordably

HelloTeams uses built-in automation to deploy Teams Phone for GCC High up to ten times faster and six times cheaper than other providers.

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Eliminate Manual Deployment Risks and Human Error

Automated deployment means that human error risks to both implementation and security are eliminated.

GCC High | HelloTeams Global

Reduce OpEx Through Automation

HelloTeams’ automated functions reduce IT workload, lowering operational expenditure. So, you can do other important work.

GCC High | HelloTeams Global

Stay Connected With Continuous Support

24/7 priority support across more than 19 countries keeps you connected when you need it most, with an average uptime of 99.99%

GCC High | HelloTeams Global

Operate With Defence-Grade Security

Microsoft Teams keeps your data safe with enterprise-grade security protocols. HelloTeams also uses AI-driven error detection to maximise performance.

GCC High | HelloTeams Global
GCC High with HelloTeams


Hold Audioconferences More Securely

Secure access to meetings shouldn’t be limited by internet connectivity. 

With HelloTeams, you can set up Direct-Routed audioconferencing, enabling your organisation to join Teams meetings by dialling in via phone.


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