SBCaaS for Teams Phone

Connect Your Carriage to Analogue Systems

Unify your telephony by connecting systems like analogue phones or third-party contact centres with your carriage.

SBCaaS | HelloTeams Global

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How HelloTeams’ SBCaaS Equals Better Calling

One Comms System

Connect legacy and third-party systems like gate phones and external contact centres to your telephony environment.

No Code, No Engineers

With our no-code GUI-based interface, you don’t need an in-house voice specialist to set up or manage your SBC.

Channel-Based Billing

Our SBCaaS is billed monthly based on the total number of SIP channels you’ve set up.

Why Invest in SBCaaS?

Moving to a VoIP solution like Teams Phone 

Not every phone number can be ported into your main VoIP system. 

Think about numbers linked to call centres, analogue devices, third-party PBXs, or third-party voice apps. 

HelloTeams’ SBCaaS acts as a bridge between those ‘external’ devices/systems and your carriage, enabling them to connect to the PSTN. 

Each number is connected to our SBC by a SIP channel that you can easily set up in the HelloTeams portal.  

With HelloTeams, there’s no complicated voice engineering – just one unified telephony environment. 

SBCaaS | HelloTeams Global

Use Cases for SBCaaS

Third-Party PBXs/SBCs

Analogue Devices Via an ATA

Call Centres

How HelloTeams’ SBCaaS Works

SBCaaS | HelloTeams Global

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Deploy With Next-Gen SBC Features

Zero-Code Configuration

In HelloTeams, assign phone numbers to your existing Microsoft 365 users – they’re now ready to start making and taking calls with Teams.

Single Number Portal

Manage all your numbers in a single portal that seamlessly integrates with your phone systems.

Custom Changes Supported

Make configuration changes like SIP header suppression via the HelloTeams portal.

Third-Party Integrations

Easily connect legacy and third-party systems.

Using HelloTeams To Build Mobile Teams

HelloTeams allowed Certainty Property to track calls, retain phone numbers, integrate calls with its main communication platform, discontinue paying for additional phones for staff, and dramatically decrease onboarding time.

Client Success

SBCaaS | HelloTeams Global
Simon Peisley

Director, Certainty Property

We were told: ‘12 weeks’ from probably the biggest communication provider in Australia, but, with HelloTeams, it took us around an hour and a half in full.​

Why HelloTeams

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Want to Learn More About Pricing?

Our SBCaaS is billed by total SIP channels and includes both SBC and SIP channel licensing. 

Talk to our sales team to ask about pricing for your organisation. 

Any System.Full Connectivity.

SBCaaS | HelloTeams Global

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