Challenging the Teams Calling Status Quo

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We didn’t like how slow, cumbersome and expensive manual provisioning was, so we shook up the whole industry. We’re looking to change the status quo.

These projects don’t need to be drawn-out or involve outsized expenditures. It shouldn’t matter whether you’ve got one seat or 1,000 seats, carriers should be able to provide the same service, at the same cost, to everyone.

Traditional suppliers are costly in both money and time, but why can’t there be a one-size-fits-all solution?

We found the answer, and it’s yes: small businesses and enterprises can access the same quality, regardless of how many employees they have.

Automating Teams calling smoothly, easily and affordably is the vision we’re bringing to businesses around the world.

Transforming Microsoft Voice since 2021

HelloTeams was founded in the aftershocks of 2020. Determination is in our DNA.

2021: Foundation

HelloTeams is born in Melbourne, Australia. We serviced 100+ companies in our first year.

2022: Growth

HelloTeams goes global, serving more than 19 regions through dedicated branches in the UK, the US, and New Zealand.

2023: Expansion

HelloTeams becomes a Microsoft-certified Operator Connect provider, joining carriers like AT&T and Verizon.

Cloud Voice for every business

HelloTeams is the easiest way to streamline your organisation’s communication.

And, unlike other Operator Connect and direct routing offerings, it’s affordable for every business.

No manual deployment means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re operating with one seat or 1,000 seats.

You can get the telephony you need, at a cost that makes sense, and all in just 15 minutes. 

About Us | HelloTeams Global

Using HelloTeams To Build Mobile Teams

Buildcert improved call management and heavily reduced cost per individual with HelloTeams.

Client Success

About Us | HelloTeams Global
Ebony Kozis

Business Operations Manager, Buildcert

The implementation of HelloTeams into our operations has saved us time and money; the feedback from our people is that the platform is incredibly easy to use, and the impacts of the change have been wholly welcomed.

The humans behind HelloTeams

From Australia to the UK and US, you can connect with our team wherever in the world you are.

Jack Kruse

Jack Kruse

Global Sales Director

Ben Cundari

Ben Cundari

Business Development Manager

Regie Raganit

Regie Raganit

Business Development Manager

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