How Unified Communications Platforms Drive Profitability

How Unified Communications Platforms Drive Profitability | HelloTeams Global

Many companies have readily adopted the hybrid work model, but it can present challenges. A unified communications (UC) approach – like HelloTeams – is fundamental to navigating this new digital frontier in the most efficient manner.

Efficiencies accrue with scale – and, by the same logic, productivity bottlenecks can snowball into enormous costs, especially over longer timeframes or for bigger businesses. Using outdated communication systems could be holding your business back, and the solution could lie in embracing a UC platform.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of UC platforms is their application for VoIP voice. Legacy PBX systems require ongoing maintenance and can take up precious physical space in offices. UC telephony, on the other hand, can be installed and maintained without hardware and at a much lower cost.

Subscription costs and associated charges can be consolidated across the inventory of services your employees are likely already using to communicate. Moving to a cloud-based service is one of the greatest cost-saving measures a business can make, reducing IT resources and location-based restrictions along the way.

Finally, using UC platforms can also help streamline critical business processes, like reducing IT workload or improving onboarding times. For example, switching to HelloTeams helped compliance firm Buildcert reduce their onboarding costs for new IT staff by 600%.

Elevated Customer Service

UC platforms can improve functions that involve staff interacting with customers, such as customer support, sales, and client success. They can help increase first-call resolutions and reduce call wait times across the board. Staff can access platforms like HelloTeams from any device anywhere in the world, and even obtain valuable background information available through CRM integration.

You can also benefit from better record-keeping of customer service interactions across a variety of communications channels, eliminating mistakes and missing information.

Improved Productivity

We have now reached a point where instant communication and remote collaboration are the norms. Sharing ideas, using an agenda to keep on track, and working from remote locations can save time, create better rapport between colleagues, and contribute to improved productivity.

Remote and mobile workers are no longer at a disadvantage. Using Teams Phone with HelloTeams, for example, a mobile worker could take a native mobile call in the car, then, upon returning to the office, elevate that call to a Teams Phone call with video on their computer – all without dropping out.

Similarly, UC platforms provide greater control over call flows and staff interaction. Using HelloTeams, call queues and auto-attendants can be set up with a few clicks – and, when a team member does receive a call, they can easily transfer it to other staff or make it a group call.  

Recording Important Insights

The ability to record meetings was game-changing. Not only is it helpful if big decisions need to be reconsidered, but it can also be helpful when an individual party to the discussion is absent. All modern unified communications platforms come with recording as standard. Through software like HelloTeams, you can also access tools such as sentiment analysis and auto-transcription – ideal for both internal and front-facing teams.

Recording calls with customers can also support training and quality assurance. In customer service settings, managers can listen in and provide directions or feedback to customer service agents in training. Now, this can be done remotely, and from almost any device, with intelligent call-provisioning tools at the user’s fingertips.

Promotes Collaboration

Repeated follow-ups and waiting for email confirmations are things of the past now that staff have access to more intelligent collaboration resources. Previously, remote work often resulted in inefficient conversations and confusion when sharing work: this is especially true in the realm of project work.

Real-time file sharing, simultaneous editing, commenting and version history for files have created an ecosystem where workflows and collective task work are easier to follow and manage even if communication is asynchronous, such as across different time zones. Conditional triggers and integrations with compatible productivity software can further eliminate inefficiencies and fill in any gaps between tasks for your staff.


A unified communications platform can have a significant impact on the productivity of a business.

By enabling seamless communication between staff across devices, businesses can save on costs, elevate their customer service standards, improve their productivity, record insights more intelligently, and collaborate more efficiently. The ability to access information in real time, automate tasks, and integrate with other business tools enhances productivity and streamlines workflows. Businesses that adopt unified communications platforms will go a long way towards improving their bottom line.

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