5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams

5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams | HelloTeams Global

Every business will have platforms they can utilise to ensure that their team has an efficient workflow daily — no matter where they are. And of the most impressive hubs teams can use to encourage teamwork and productivity is Office 365.

Microsoft Teams does a great job gathering and storing all your conversations, files, meetings, and apps all in a single workspace, and the best part is that you can access it anywhere. So, whether you’re sprinting to catch a deadline or you’re brainstorming for your next campaign, Microsoft Teams could be the secret weapon your team never knew they needed.

Besides effective collaboration, Microsoft Teams can also be your team’s virtual workspace, giving your employees an overall fantastic experience when it comes to cloud services for office work.

If you’re curious about this platform and want to inject it into your workspace, keep reading. In this article, we’ll share with you Microsoft Teams benefits that will surely elevate the way your employees work. Let’s take a look!

Benefit #1: Quick Communications

Let’s say you have a quick question about the campaign your company is planning, and you realised it’s not really e-mail-worthy. Some quick questions get either buried in cluttered inboxes or, in some cases, they could take 20 minutes to respond — all of which could affect your productivity negatively.

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams has a chat feature where you can quickly reach out to your co-worker and ask them those quick questions without the worry of having your email buried in their inbox. Additionally, you can rename your group chats, rename conversations, and more.

Benefit #2: Video-Calling Is Possible

Nowadays, meetings are held virtually and through video calls and conferences. With that, you’d be happy to know that Microsoft Teams offers video-calling on their platform.

It’s pretty easy to set up — you need to press “Join”, and you can jump straight into your scheduled meeting and “Meet Now” to begin the call, any time and anywhere.

Benefit #3: Productivity in Another Level

Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate apps that will help boost your productivity. One of the best ones you can incorporate is the Planner app. Planner encourages your team’s productivity since it basically is a powerful tool that has everything you need to work seamlessly, such as Microsoft Suite.

With Microsoft Teams, you can securely send files through chats and Channels via SharePoint or OneNote’s fantastic integrations. Besides that, collaboration is made easy since you can share your screen of choice. Additionally, Whiteboard allows you to brainstorm, plan, and work efficiently — coming up with campaigns and strategies have never been easier!

Benefit #4: Eliminates Long Email Threads

One of the worst things you have to deal with when you rely on email threads and conversations is those long email threads with sub-conversations after sub-conversations.

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams has a Channels feature that will finally let you say goodbye to disorganised email threads. You just need to start a Channel and begin communicating with your team there. If you need to ask another team member questions, you can simply message them separately in the Channel.

Benefit #5: Impressive Security

Another Microsoft Teams benefit is that even if everything is cloud-based and conveniently accessible, this platform is still incredibly secure. With that being said, you don’t have to worry about sending personal information and files via Teams because only your team has access to the files in the first place.

The Bottom Line: Elevate The Way Your Team Works With Microsoft Teams

Now that many companies are working from home or remotely, it’s best to have a shared platform where your team can collaborate and work efficiently wherever they are. The benefits of Microsoft Teams that we mentioned above will help encourage better collaboration and communication with teams, all in a solid cloud service.

How Can We Help You?

If you’re looking for a cloud service for your team, the benefits of Microsoft Teams can do loads for you. So, if you need help with setting up Microsoft Teams Calling? Get set up right the first time with Helloteams. Start making Microsoft Teams Calls in 30 minutes!

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