How Certainty Property improved customer satisfaction, and increased efficiencywith HelloTeams

Certainty Property | HelloTeams Global

Certainty Property faced the issue of staff carrying two mobile phones, leading to reduced professionalism, no tracking, and communication fragmentation that was costing the company more and impacting staff professionalism.

HelloTeams allowed Certainty Property to track calls, retain phone numbers, integrate calls with its main communication platform, discontinue paying for additional phones for staff, and dramatically decrease onboarding time.


Certainty Property 

What we did for Certainty Property


We were told: ‘12 weeks’ from probably the biggest communication provider in Australia, but, with HelloTeams, it took us around an hour and a half in full.

Certainty Property | HelloTeams Global
Simon Peisley

Director, Certainty Property

The Problem

Certainty Property, a real estate company operating in five states across Australia, faced the issue of staff carrying two mobile phones when in the field, one of which was at cost to the company, which became an issue of professionalism. This also became an issue of security with management unable to track calls and onboarding processes bloating as new staff have to wait for new phones and SIM cards to be ordered in and set up.

With some staff preferring to use their own phones, compatibility issues across brands, no tracking or visibility, and communication fragmentation, Certainty Property needed a solution that could unify everything into one system.

The Solution

Certainty Property wanted to unify its telephony, and, with HelloTeams, it was able to begin making and taking calls in less than 15 minutes, retaining all its existing phone numbers in the process.
The Certainty team could now use advanced call tracking, the transcript feature on voicemails, and, when a staff member moved, their client contact numbers now remain with the business’ portfolio instead of scattered across the staff’s personal devices, saved to personal sim cards of synched to personal cloud storage.

Consolidating communications saved Certainty Property time and effort, reducing costs as staff members could simply download Teams on their personal devices instead of requiring company-provided phones.

When we signed up, we sat on teams and worked through what we needed to do, allocate phone lines, allocating numbers, synchronising it with our system. And HelloTeams didn't stop until it worked.

Certainty Property | HelloTeams Global
Simon Peisley

Director, Certainty Property

The Outcome

The implementation of HelloTeams has resulted in significant cost savings for Certainty Property, as the company no longer has to provide staff members with company phones.

HelloTeams also allows the team to track calls and retain phone numbers, providing better customer satisfaction, and the transcript feature on voicemails has increased overall staff efficiency.
Another boon has been the leveraging of API for more advanced automation within Microsoft Teams, which was not possible with the previous telephony setup and now allows Certainty Property to improve its operations without compromising its security or customer service.

It was seamless and painless.

Certainty Property | HelloTeams Global
Simon Peisley

Director, Certainty Property

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