How Buildcertimproved call management and heavily reduced cost per individualwith HelloTeams

Buildcert | HelloTeams Global

Buildcert assists with building approvals and certification by partnering with builders, developers, architects, building designers, consultants and everyday homeowners.

HelloTeams helped Buildcert improve call management, save time and money. 



What we did for Buildcert


The implementation of HelloTeams into our operations has saved us time and money; the feedback from our people is that the platform is incredibly easy to use, and the impacts of the change have been wholly welcomed.​

Buildcert | HelloTeams Global
Ebony Kozis

Business Operations Manager, Buildcert

The Problem

With over 150 staff members needing to communicate in remote and mobile environments, the pandemic was a huge wake-up call for Buildcert.

To keep operations running smoothly, they needed to radically overhaul their communication processes.

Their existing systems restricted them to on-site communications, and, with strong ongoing growth, they needed to have systems in place that allowed them to scale.

The Solution

As a cloud-based unified communications platform, HelloTeams means no physical hardware or lengthy, complicated deployments. Buildcert used the platform’s built-in automation to fully set up and deploy Teams Calling in 15 minutes – without
any engineers or coding required.

Because they already used Office 365 for productivity, existing employee contacts were seamlessly transferred over to Teams Calling. Buildcert’s operations team simply imported existing numbers and assigned them to users, enabling employees across the company to start making and taking calls straight away.

Onboarding has been a huge selling point for us — and HelloTeams didn't disappoint. We were able to quickly and easily onboard people within minutes. It previously took us two business days to do this.

Buildcert | HelloTeams Global
Ebony Kozis

Business Operations Manager, Buildcert

The Outcome

HelloTeams has dramatically increased staff availability for calls and given team members better awareness of when colleagues are available for call transfers.

The ability to take calls remotely and in the field has meant that staff on sick leave can still complete tasks and take urgent calls without any at-home phone setups required.

Buildcert’s operations team has also benefitted from streamlined reporting: HelloTeam’s dashboard reports allow easy access to in-depth call statistics.

Most importantly, the costs associated with onboarding new team members have been reduced by a staggering 600%.
Ultimately, HelloTeams has proven to be integral to regional growth for BuildCert.

We used to have to send an onboarding request to our old provider, and it was always a two-day minimum. We grew used to this. However, now, with HelloTeams, this is done in minutes.

Buildcert | HelloTeams Global
Ebony Kozis

Business Operations Manager, Buildcert

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